The euro is under pressure on Wednesday, weighed by political woes in Europe ahead of elections that checked its recent ascent against the dollar.

Scandal continued to engulf the French Presidential race after centrist Emmanuel Macron was forced to deny an extramarital affair. Conservative Francois Fillon pressed on with efforts to salvage his reputation after accusations that he used taxpayers' money to pay his wife for work she may not have done.

Opinion polls show Macron slightly ahead of Fillon in the first round, but behind far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen. She has vowed to pull France out of the euro zone and hold a vote on its membership in the European Union.

EUR/USD dropped a quarter percentage point to 1.0640. its deepest since late January and well off last week's peak of 1.0829. EUR/JPY slipped almost 0.5 percent to 119.37, its lowest since Dec. 5.